Our Services

Talk Therapy - This is traditional Counseling. We meet with after you complete our survey of your recent experiences. With our team, your therapeutic experience is tailored specifically to your needs.

Hypno-Therapy - Hypno-therapy is an art that allows the therapist to work within the emotions; the places where the pain and trauma were created and currently resides.

Release Room - The release room is a safe place to come and allow yourself to be free to release any anger, aggressions or rage that might be stored within your body and/or mind.

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Grief Counseling - Many times, when experiencing a traumatic experience, it is helpful to have a companion who has experiences dealing with issues similar to our own. Grief and Traumatic support is vital is moving on in tradgedy and loss.

Podcast - Disconnect to Reconnect- Talking about real stuff that married couples go through. Talking about being Black in todays world. Healing through conversation.

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Marriage Services

Married over 15 years, The McDonald’s are equipped and ready to help equip you with skills to be a positive impact in your marriage/spouse, children and self.

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