Grief Counseling

Many times, when experiencing a traumatic experience, like a sick child or a unexpected loss we feel isolated and lonely. There are times when we desire solitude but there are times we desire a companion who has trudged the waters we’ve been submerged.

We have a team of amazing counselors who have become therapeutic companions by way of experience. Having someone to lean on who has experienced harsh situation can be comforting and healing.

The most important part of mental healing is perspective, how we view the situation. That piece alone ensures that healing will be long lasting. There are life events that are continuous, or will happen despite our efforts: death, conflict with a loved one and unexpected changes both positive and negative in consequence.

How we handle these situations is the determining factor. Fight or Flight. If you always fight and never flight that can create repetitive negative consequences to be abundant in your life.

If you continuously flight, then the same negative consequences can abound. Balance is essential.
Due to early childhood traumas or life traumas implementing sound judgement and coping mechanisms to counter balance your center after a traumatic experience is the key to personal success and an attraction to the things in life you seek.

Podcast - Disconnect to Reconnect

By Devyn McDonald

This Podcast leads a discussion on the real experinces of husbands and wives joined together in Holy matrimony. We discuss what it means to be Black in a world that presents situations and dynamics that are destructive to our identity. We promote healing for all people of color through conversation.

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Published Resources on Therapy and Wellness

Take some time to search online for published resources to help you in the pusuit of wellness. Reading is fundamental to growing in knowledge. Equip yourself with the best practices for having true mentally healthy living.

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